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ATTENTION ABSENTEE VOTERS: Absent voter ballots are available for all elections. They provide voters with a convenient method for casting a ballot when they are unable to attend the polls on election day. As a registered voter, you may obtain an absent voter ballot if you are: age 60 years old or older, unable to vote without assistance at the polls, expecting to be out of town on election day in jail awaiting arraignment or trial, unable to attend the polls due to religious reasons, appointed to work as an election inspector in a precinct outside of your precinct of residence.

A person who registers to vote by mail must vote in person in the first election in which he or she participates. The restriction does not apply to overseas voters, voters who are disabled or voters who are 60 years of age or older.

You must request an absent voter ballot by mailing the application, a letter, or a pre-printed application form obtained from your local clerk's office. Requests to have an absent voter ballot mailed to you must be received by your clerk no later than 2 p.m. the Saturday before the election.

You may return your absentee ballots anytime by dropping them off at the Office. On the day of Elections, ballots must be returned to the Township Fire Station by the close of the Polls prior to 8 pm or to the Township Office by 7 pm..

The Township Office will be open on the Saturday prior to an Election from 9am until 2pm to accept Absentee Ballot Applications.

LATE ABSENTEE VOTING: Can be made in person on the Monday prior to the election, from 9am until 4pm. You will have to remain in the office to vote the ballot on that day. Want to receive an Absentee Ballot Application for ALL future elections automatically? Contact the Deb Keller, Township Clerk and fill out an application to be added to our Permanent Absentee Voter List. Or, simply send us a request with your name, registered address, and signature.

EMERGENCY REQUEST for an absentee ballot is allowed only if you cannot attend the polls because of:

1.) personal injury or illness

2.)a family death or illness that requires you to leave your community for the entire time the polls are open on election day

The emergency must have occurred after 2 p.m. the Saturday prior to the election. If you are requesting an emergency absentee ballot, you may have someone deliver your written request for the ballot to the township clerk's office before 4:00pm. on election day. Emergency ballots must be returned to the clerk's office by 8pm on election day.

If you have any other questions do not hesitate to call or email Deb Keller at 517-436-6400 or 517-436-6248.

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