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Public Notice:

Property records for Fairfield Township are available at the Equalization Office located in the Lenawee County Old Courthouse at 301 N Main St., Adrian, MI 49221. To reach the Equalization Office call 517-264-4522. Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 am until 4:30 pm.

Tax Payments:

You may pay your taxes in person or by mail. If mailing, please make check or Money Order payable to Fairfield Township (Do not send cash) and send to:

Fairfield Township Treasurer
P.O. Box 286
Jasper MI 49248

*** All taxes postmarked after due date shall bear interest. ***

If you need a paid receipt, please return entire bill with your payment, the bottom copy will be returned to you. Also send a stamped self-addressed envelope.

Summer Taxes are due September 14 and Winter Taxes are due Feburary 14.

The Lenawee County Online Assessing Records will let you look up information on properties of your choice. Some basic information is required to access the records.

If you are a mortgage company or realtor requesting a tax pay off amount or general information about a parcel, please email the Treasurer. If you are requesting pay off amounts of water or sewer assessments on a property,please contact the Utilities Clerk.

Forms and Applications:

Application for Deferment of Summer Taxes

Poverty Exemption Guidelines

Federal Poverty Income Standards For 2017

Click here to download the Poverty Exemption Application

The following are the federal poverty income standards which the United States Office of Management and Budget recommends that federal departments and agencies use. The standards are actually compiled and published by the Bureau of the Census which refers to them as"poverty thresholds."

The governing body of the local assessing unit has the option of considering the age of the resident(s) when establishing their guidelines.This provision applies only when one or two persons reside in the homestead, because there are no age-related thresholds for three or more personsin the homestead.

The following are the federal poverty income standards, for use in setting poverty exemption guidelines for 2017 assessments.

Poverty Guidelines by Number of Persons in Family Unit
1 person - $12,060
2 persons - $16,240
3 persons - $20,420
4 persons - $24,600
5 persons - $28,780
6 persons - $32,960
7 persons - $37,140
8 persons - $41,320

For each additional person, add $4,180.

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